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Training Update

by extreme on February 9, 2014, no comments

Began new training regimen in January 2014:

Chess Improvement Tracking

Update: 4/27/14
During the months of January and February 2014 I was struggling to return back to my standard opening repertoire, and from approximately 3/20 through 4/24 I have been studying less chess and to be honest have been feeling slightly discouraged. I haven’t played any USCF tournaments, and I haven’t played many standard time control games. The one thing that has remained constant has been my chesstempo.com training, which has fluctuated over the last few months.

Extreme Training

by extreme on January 8, 2014, no comments

Join me as I continue my chess improvement journey via this blog. Stay tuned for details on my training program, which is loosely based on Pump Up Your Rating by Axel Smith.

as of 01.07.14

USCF Rating 1668
ChessTempo Standard Tactics 1641
Chess.com Standard 1612 Online 1644
Shredder Chess 1598